Reconnect to your Essence

Tungl Club is a community of like-minded souls to reconnect you to your true self.
Take part in our daily rituals, moon alignment, self-care, astrology, meditation and more.

Moon Rituals

Every new moon and full moon we come together in a ritual to connect with the moon and use the astrology of the lunation to manifest and re-dream the world together.

Self Care

Take loving care of yourself, then you have more to give to others. Healing recipes, mindset tools, gratitude practice, herbs, essential oils and all kinds of tools for your self care toolkit.


Reconnect to the cosmos. Learn how the movements of the planetary bodies affect our daily life, plan ahead and learn to use the cosmic energy to your benefit.

Meditation and Yoga

Reconnect to yourself through the ancient practice of meditation and yoga. Meditation of the month and short yoga class that you can do any time you need to balance your energy.

Daily Rituals

Fun, simple or elaborate ways to ground, to expand, to reconnect to yourself, nature, your home and the whole of the cosmos.

Sacred Feminine

Connect with your fierce and sacred feminine. Learn about your inner moon cycle and the play of the polarities of the feminine and the masculine. 
(Coming soon)


Get in tune with the moon, nature, your inner life and watch your life expand. Connect to your inner rhythm and feel how much easier life becomes when you start flowing with the universe rather than struggling against the flow. Reconnect for a more beautiful and gentle life.

Join us in Tungl Club journey if you like to:

  • Connect with your potential and creativity
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Connect with your cyclic nature
  • Gain autonomy over your process of self knowledge 
  • Learn more about the Moon and Astrology
  • Learn self-care tools, such as meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and nourishing food

Be in community

Join our Club area and also our exclusive Facebook group where you can:

  • Connect to the others in the club
  • Share what you are going through
  • Talk to like-minded souls
  • Access videos and support from us 
  • Access to daily tips
  • Get accountability partners – if you wish

About us

Aline Grippi

Aline is a mother of two daughters and enthusiastic of everything that empowers the connection to our essence. She has studied and attended many courses and retreats through her life and has gathered extensive knowledge about the astrology, sacred feminine and how to manage endometriosis symptoms naturally. She is also a lawyer, designer and software project manager. Aline is a Brazilian who loves to swim in the cold Iceland sea, moon gardening, cooking and to live in connection with nature.

Jara Gian Tara

Jara Gian Tara is an astrologer, mystic, tarot reader, kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, light priestess of the rose lineage and cosmic shaman. She has studied both western and eastern mysticism and philosophy. She has studied with many master teachers and is an eternal student. She is also a musician and a composer. Jara Gian Tara is Icelandic and loves matcha, essential oils and music. She’s the mother of two and has a cat, a dog, and two kittens.