Tungl Club

Welcome to the Tungl Club!

Get in tune with the moon, nature, your inner life and watch your life expand. 

Connect to your rhythm and feel how much easier life becomes when you start flowing with the universe rather than struggling against the flow. 

Reconnect for a more beautiful and gentle life.

With Tungl Club you can:

  • Discover your authentic self
  • Connect with your potential and creativity
  • Connect with your intuition
  • Connect with your cyclic nature
  • Gain autonomy over your process of self-knowledge
  • Learn more about the Moon and Astrology
  • Learn more self-care tools, such as meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and nourishing food

In Tungl Club you have access to:

  • Exclusive Club area access
  • Private Facebook Community access
  • Informational videos about Moon Cycles, Moon Phases and more
  • 2 Live Ceremonies (on Zoom) per lunation (New Moon and Full Moon)
  • Meditation & Yoga videos
  • Daily updates on various subjects, such as: astrology, ritual tips, journaling questions, recipes, herbs and aromatherapy…
  • Surprise bonuses

Join us on this amazing journey & reconnect to your essence!

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